Right Back.

I can’t find my past
in my head,
there are visions
that I cannot connect.
Dreams, that are
too damaged to conceive.
My subconscious
is but a hazy stance,
ripped apart
trapped in a mere trance.
My present isn’t
refined as well,
shrouded by a cloud
perhaps it’s but a quell.
In spite all that,
you appeared with majesty,
brought me back to life,
collected all my debris.
You have no idea
how much it means to me –
to be put right back
to my destiny.

MR @ 2016


If Only.

You walk through a path
that’s cold as ice –
your feet are sore
bereaved in a frostbite.
Your hands are warm
like they’re on fire
slowly you’ve melted
into desolation.
You walk on through
notwithstanding your aching
like every piece of you
has been torn apart – broken.
Tormented with a past
you can’t escape,
entangled in a decision
you wouldn’t want to make.
If only I could keep you
from your insomnolence
and the constant thriving
of debris in your heart.
I would but I can’t
and believe me I tried.
Won’t you let me in,
let me be by your side.