Secondhand Serenade.

Back to the old days,
We were nothing but Strangers.
Every day we ask
“Is there anybody out there?”
Anyone who could be a friend
or maybe even Something More.
Then I met you…
and all I can think of is
“Stay close, don’t go”.
For I am half alive without you.
But you’re hesitant to love.
You feel Our Time will succumb to end.
You say it’s you, not me and
Left without a word –
You may have quit on me
and I have Nothing Left To Say.
It’s Your call, but let me do what I need,
Let me help Fix You,
Keep you Awake when your souls asleep.
You are a drug and I’m addicted..
A twist in my story that I’ve long wanted.
It’s never too late, even if
You say you’re Vulnerable and Broken.
I’ve Fallen for you and you have for me,
Take me with you for
we are the Right kind of crazy.



The Way They Lie

When we lose that lovin’ feelin’,
Everybody plays the fool.
It’s the world we live in,
It can sometimes be cruel.

Like with a part-time lover,
you’re going around in circles.
Tell ‘em to treat you better,
but it’s the way love goes.

True, “No woman, no cry”, but,
Nobody knows how we truly feel inside.
So, break their heart right back,
Coz you can’t love the way they lie.

MR @ 2016

Out of boredom, I created a poem using titles of a Break-Up/Cheating song list I found on Google.

Here’s the song list:

  • Lost That Loving Feeling – Righteous Brothers
  • Everybody Plays The Fool – Main Ingredient
  • The World We Live In – The Killers
  • Cruel – Snakeships ft. ZAYN
  • Part-Time Lover – Stevie Wonder
  • Going In Circles – Luther Vandross
  • Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes
  • The Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson
  • No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley
  • Nobody Knows – Pink
  • Feel Inside – Mary J. Blige
  • Break Your Heart Right Back – Ariana Grande
  • Love The Way You Lie – Eminem ft. Rihanna