Right Back.

I can’t find my past
in my head,
there are visions
that I cannot connect.
Dreams, that are
too damaged to conceive.
My subconscious
is but a hazy stance,
ripped apart
trapped in a mere trance.
My present isn’t
refined as well,
shrouded by a cloud
perhaps it’s but a quell.
In spite all that,
you appeared with majesty,
brought me back to life,
collected all my debris.
You have no idea
how much it means to me –
to be put right back
to my destiny.

MR @ 2016


Timeline Part 1.

October 2011.

The first time I met you,
I shook your hand as you smiled.
It was embarrassing how awfully obvious I was
when my jaw dropped by a mile.

December 2011.

A little flirtation here and there –
it never hurt nobody,
til I got the first form of rejection from you
When you din’t turn up on that Christmas Party.

January 2012.

I was hungry and I asked you out,
but Earl messed up the timings purposely.
So I hugged you before I went out for lunch,
said “I love you” accidentally.

I froze up after I uttered words
I normally wouldn’t say carelessly.
But it’s out there for the universe to hear,
so I just savored that momentary insanity.

February 2012.

I went with my sister to Palawan,
and you went with friends to Surigao.
The exchanges of messages were still unstoppable,
I believed we were moving on to the next level.

March 2012.

I finally had the courage to ask you out,
“Not on a date” I pretended, “just two people hanging out.”
We held hands and I just knew it,
I fell in love with you, and it was the start of magic.

MR to HFM @ 2017

At Work.

Checking the time
ever so frequently
as I sat here
in my silent reverie.
Counting the hours
that had yet to come,
Hope the night devours
my soul that’s glum.
Round and round
these hands they run.
I’m caught hypnotized
by these tiny hands.
Filling the solace
in one glance,
alas, 6 o’clock
surely I gotta run!


P.S. a 5-minute poem for a lazy soul trapped within a 4-wall box for an office 😦



I wish that I can take your breath away
As much as you take away mine.

I wish to feel how you feel
In the same way I hope you could see what I see
When I look into your eyes.

I wish that you will show me you
And lay all your secrets in front of me.

I wish I could read your mind
That I can somehow hear your thoughts.

I hope even in silence I can comfort you
Like the embrace that calms you at night.

I hope that you know I’m here
I’d always be around to listen to your woes.

I hope that eternity could stretch out
So I can spend that time with you.


MR @ 2016

Death Toll

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Time is running with a mock.
Ding-dong, ding-dong
I sang along with the gong

In my head I sang along
The tick, the tock, the ding, the dong
In my sleep I dream again
with clocks ticking aloud remain

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Time is running with a mock.
Ding-dong, ding-dong
I might not hear this much for long

Ready was I for that last sound
It chased me long just like a hound.
With a broken heart I sing again,
Then cried with pain from that last ding.

Tick-tock, tick-tock
Time is running with a mock.
Ding-dong hear that song,
say farewell to all your friends.





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