Lo Siento

My heart skipped a beat
when I started to read,
confessions that are so sweet
it could sweep me off my feet.
As I looked at who signed,
I made a deep sigh,
it isn’t from whom I desired,
I never knew I was admired.
Though perfect are your words,
nothing inside me stirred.
It’s not that I’m insensitive,
Anyone could fall for your narrative.
It just doesn’t work with me,
I hope you can forgive.
Maybe I’m not ready or that I’m afraid,
I’m just not up for
such emotional cascade.
I must say, Lo siento, amigo.
Yo no te amo demasiado.



Unsent Letter.

It’s been light-years since
you and I have been friends.
Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder,
would “me and you” look good together?

One Sunny afternoon
as we’re hanging out in our cocoon.
You fell asleep in my shoulder,
and I noticed in your bag – a letter.

I read it and it took me in
a vast dimension of your affection.
My mind’s gyrated, caught in a spin,
Tangled in your letters doting.

I felt those words of love
belong only for my eyes to read.
Don’t you already know you’re beloved?
That, to you, my soul’s embed.

The longer the letter,
I’ve fallen for you deeper.
Yet at the bottom it called for
another’s name instead.



A thousand reasons –
I found this number
of causes for me to leave.
But none is enough,
so I continued to stay.
A hundred other more,
that’s eleven hundred now.
Should I stay or go?
You asked me to decide,
to make a move.
I just wanted to be with you,
but I can’t do that
all the time, too.
You’re his and he’s yours.
The odds are against me,
I know I’d just lose.
Ten reasons more…
I’ve always just been depressed,
hoping you’re mine,
leaving a trail of mess.
The exchange of sweet nothings
are done only when
the twilight’s a witness.
Five more reason to pack up.
Still ignored all the signs,
still waiting for you to come.
Seated alone at the corner
of this bed for two –
Anticipating a knock
on the door to find you.
Eleven hundred fifteen –
I’ve wanted to be free
from the shackles you gave me.
Yet I caged myself in
because all other reason defy
that one and only reason
that kept me from flying.


Higala [Part III: Ang Pagluwas]

Tua na, nabutyag na.
Ang gibati ko kanimo
kahibalo naka.
Bisan ug dili pareho
ang gibati ta
sa usag-usa, okay ra.

Miingon ka na
di ko angay ikabalaka,
na atong panaghigala
kay dili mawala.
Matud mo, okay ra
na ania rako
sa imong kiliran.

Kahibalo ko,
komplikado ang estado mo.
Maong sulayan ko ug limot
ang gibati ko para kanimo.
Mas pilion ko, ang higala ko
kaysa pugson nga kita
mahimong ka-trato.

Luwason ko panaghigala ta,
kung asa ta mas malipay,
kung asa ta mas sadya,
Ang gugma kong kanimo inday,
makalimtan rana nako unya.
Ig abot sa panahon, hinunta.

Paghubad sa Inglis

Friend [Part III: To Save]

So I’ve revealed
my secret adoration,
though I know it’s unrequited,
the truth is my salvation.

You said I need not worry
it’s no big deal,
you’re still willing to keep
our friendship despite
what I feel.

I understand, your life now
is a bit complicated.
That’s why I’ve opted
to choose our friendship
over this strange affection
that to you I’ve felt.

I’m choosing to salvage
the friendship we have,
and the laughter’s we’ve shared.
I will forget this feeling
one day, somehow, some day.


Higala [Part II: Ang Pagbutyag]

Ang kulba sa akong dughan
Dili ko mapugngan.
Isulti ko na ba kanimo?
Ang kamatuorang gitago ko?

Husto na, kinahanglan na undangan
Ang akong pagpaka arong-ingnon,
Ang akong paghilom-hilom,
Ang paglikay sa gibati nga di na nako madala ug tulon .

Sa dihang gaatubang ko nimo,
Kamot gakurog, kulbang di masabot.
Ang makatunaw mong mata gapangutana,
nasanpit ko sa way pagduha-duha, “Higala – gihigugma tika!!!”

Ug nabukotan kita sa kamingaw,
Nabati mo nga ang pulong ko dili siaw.
Gihikap mo ang mga kamot ko,
Ug miingong “Panaghigala lang ang madalit ko kanimo”

Ang paghubad sa Inglis

Friend [Part II: The Revelation]

I can’t stop
the throbbing in my chest
each time I try
to tell you the secret
I’ve kept.

I need to stop
Stop myself from pretending
I can no longer keep
the feelings that I have
for you within.

Finally face to face,
hands shaking, t’was nerve-racking!
Your eyes that had melted this
heart, stare at me asking..
“I’m in love with you”
were the words that I managed to say.

Silence has taken it’s toll
I knew then that you knew it’s no joke.
You held my hands and said
“Friend, all I can give is friendship”


Die A Little.

Where do I begin
to measure this pain?
The moment you walked out
from the door and my life?
How do I start
in finding ways
of healing my heart,
when you stole it from me
and later broke it
and left it to bleed?
They told me to stop,
let go, and break away
from the shackles you’ve
trapped me with as I lay.
They told me this life
had just begun to live
and it shouldn’t take a while
for me to get back up,
and so I’d stop from this grief.
Someday, one day –
I know I’ll be okay.
But for now I’ll die
so I can learn to live
in each of every day.
I’ll die so I won’t
fade away..
Let me die a little bit,
just a little more.
Let me thrive to
resuscitate myself
so I may let go..
Then maybe I can love
one more time
live again so I
could be renewed and
be whole – be sublime.



With longing, I look at you
looking longingly at her.
You have this glow
one I couldn’t deter.

I’ve loved you too long –
Too long too late.
As to another you belong
Guess I’m not pals with fate.

She had you in a sheer,
she never asked you to.
You wanted only her
but she doesnt want you.

You cry in my shoulder,
I feel your pain.
I want to make it better,
So your love I could gain.

I was never enough though
Least not in your eyes.
When I told you I loved you,
you left, without even a Good-bye.



Try as I may, I wrote.
On that blank paper
I tried to make a note.
I just couldn’t quite decipher
Why you keep pushing.
That a poem for you,
I should start making.
You aren’t mine
As I ain’t yours.
Yet you ask for me something
Which is a little absurd.
I guess you were assuming,
That somehow, for you,
I have feelings.
I like you, but only
like a little sister.
So to another direction,
please go hither.
There is nothing romantic
between you and me.
If you think
otherwise, I want to say
“I’m sorry.”

But this poem,
I dedicate to you.
That you find someone
Who will love you so true.
All the poems you wrote
for me in mellow,
I hope finds a home
with another fellow.
It’s not me
you truly desire,
we don’t have chemistry
there is no fire.
I tell you now
For the sake of clarity
I am not worthy
of your poetry.


MR @ 2016

Lead On

The most wonderful thing is to be loved without hesitation, without fear, and without condition. If you love me, love me because of me – not because you caught yourself in a situation where you needed someone and I was there. If you love me, love me because I can make you happy by being there not because I make you forget of the things that make you sad.
There’s one too many things a lover can ask. All I would ask is for you to be honest – be brutal about it if you must, but never lie to me about how you feel. I will meet you half way, but I can’t go all the way. If you can’t love me the way I love you or if someone is still in your heart, don’t lead me on. I will love you so much that all of me will ache if you can’t love me in return, but it will kill me if you pretend that you do when someone else is in your heart.
I will fight for you and conquer everything with you, but please be there so it may be worth the fight. Let me know if it’s a lost cause and I will stop. I will not force myself on you, yet I will wait for you to be unleashed from the shackles of your past.
I can wait for a long time if you say you’d be there too, but again please… Don’t lead me on.
MR @ 102015