Girl In 210. (1/3)

On a cold winter morn,
I squeezed into my jacket –
my breath’s darn cold
like I had chewed on ice.
I stood still waiting
for the bus to come ‘round.
It’s a little late now,
worse, it had started to drizzle.
Rain came pouring down,
I was sure I’d get another shower.
But you came right beside me,
had an umbrella over my head.
I thanked you profusely,
you just smiled and nodded your head.
I asked you your name,
you only responded with “Girl in 210″.

I had no idea what you meant,
but the ride finally arrived.
I ushered you to go in first,
not my luck, it’s not your ride.
“Your name?” I asked again,
in all mystery you just gave me a grin.
With a touch of hesitation
i went inside in isolation.
”Girl in 210,
will I ever see you again?”
I’ve waited days and weeks,
and months and years.
Still took the same bus route,
and my sanity I’ve started to doubt.
Did I really meet you, 210?
Were you for real?
Or were you just a fiction?
created by my imagination.

MR 2017



I liked you a lot even before
You honored me that one dance,
Because you fought with him
And he left you by the stand.

For me, twas a dream come true.
Having spent just that one time with you.
Like the Heavens fin’ally heard
the desires within this heart.

You were truly beautiful
as are the sunshine and rainbows.
Your sense of humor was endearing
By God, my heart then was racing.

Like any other dream, came reality.
That night, I was but a good company.
I should’ve known better than linger
to the idea of being an almost lover.


You Came Along.

I was but a kid
with no direction.
Who’d ever think
I’d hold ambition.

I was simple-minded
and avoided what’s obscure.
Til you came and changed
the tunes in my songs.

I’ve done things
I never knew I could.
I’ve crossed the borders
and exceeded my limitations.

Forever, I will appreciate
what you’ve taught me
things ‘bout life, reality
and life’s wondrous beauty.

I had no life’s mission
nor do I make decisions
that I’ve concluded on my own.
Not until you came along.


I Dare You.

Challenge me, I dare you,
Just like how you did to others.
I promise you,
I may bend or bleed but you –
can never break my soul.

Speak to me with disrespect,
As you think you’re way up high,
Your words mean nothing –
I will not succumb
I will not cry.

Step on my dignity, I dare you.
Take away all that I have.
Dig a ground so deep for me,
I will not squirm, I will not run,
I will face you head on,
and show you what I’m about!

MR @ 2016


How do I forget that
you were the ones I cling to?
How do I move on from
being totally away from you?
Where do I go if
things turn south for me?
Where do I stay if
there isn’t any place I’d
rather be?

How do I keep myself
from bleeding?
When memories of what
has been done in my head
keeps on replaying?
How do I mend a broken heart
when all it’s ever wanted
was your full understanding?

How do I forgive,
when you never asked?
Why do I even bother
remember what we used to have?
Things had changed,
clearly ain’t for the better.
Memories are all I have,
and I see you don’t even care.

I wish there was a way
that I could make you see…
That this is who I wanted to be
and that all I wanted
was for you to support me.
In the end, I still love you though,
A long time has passed
and I want you to know.
That even from afar
I still think of you both.
Still hoping that a day will come
that about me you’d
have changed your thoughts.



Are we over?
I asked you that
once before.
You smiled
but never answered
left me wondering
if it even mattered.
I’m with you
as you’re with me –
I hope…
but I can’t ignore
the gnawing
sensation inside
like there’s something
you’re trying
to hide.
That the colors
you’re showing me
isn’t in black and white.
I’m stuck in grey matter
I know for sure
it isn’t something I like.
Are we over?
This is the last
that I’ll ask…
If what we have,
is nothing
but a fake or facade.



I never felt this before.
This unfamiliar feeling
I so want to ignore.
This certain longing
that you – I adore.
Could there be anything
that is more gripping
yet ever so frightening,
than falling for a friend
and later on knowing
that if this person finds out –
it would surely be the end?

Yet I might be wrong…
I might not be in love,
Maybe these feelings are strong
because she’s a friend,
one I wouldn’t wanna lose sight of.
But my heart trembles
each time she smiles
In her ways that are so humble
I’m melted deep inside.
For her, I’ll walk
thousands of miles.
Just so I could spend
more time with her
and know it’s all worth the while.

But if this is how I feel,
for just this one person…
How do I deny what’s real,
when these stirrings
within me are beyond reason…
I guess the only explanation,
is that I fallen in love!
With the only other human being
that I could never have.



Fallen way too deep
I may not recover.
Every day I’m falling
This feelings getting
Tell me how to let go
how to move on.
Tell me what to do
to stop chasin’ you.
I’m dying every time
I see you by his side.
When all I’ve ever wanted
is to keep you
in my arms.
Tell me how to stop
myself from loving you.
Tell me to run away
else I’d continue to stay.
Oh tell me what to do,
how can I not
love you?